5 examples of Ancient Greek Pottery

31st December 1384 A.D. The Death of John Wycliffe, English philosopher, theologian, and translator #Onthisday

29th December 1709 A.D. The Birth of Elizabeth of Russia #Onthisday

26th December 1618 A.D. The Birth of Elisabeth of the Palatinate, German princess, philosopher, and Calvinist #Onthisday

25th December 1250 A.D. The Birth of John IV Laskaris, Byzantine emperor #Onthisday

21st December 1505 A.D. The Birth of Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton, English politician #Onthisday

20th December 1722 A.D. The Death of Kangxi, emperor of the Qing Dynasty #Onthisday

17th December 1471 A.D. The Death of Infanta Isabel, Duchess of Burgundy #Onthisday

16th December 1775 A.D. The Birth of Jane Austen, English novelist #Onthisday

14th December 1624 A.D. The Death of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, English politician, Lord High Admiral #Onthisday