Historian: Gareth W Bone also known as Nagi Kasira

twitter details: https://twitter.com/NagiKasira

  1. Interests in history: Oriental, ancient history and revolutions (the events leading up to the actual events such as, famine, discontent, social factors.)

2. Specialist subjected: Japanese and Chinese History

3. Skills: Critical thinking, social history, analytic writer, pod-caster, writer, researching, history, debating, art history.

I am currently writing a book focused on the Celtic people. I love to write about the fairly under studied or largely unknown histories.


Historian : Greta Milenova

twitter details: https://twitter.com/gretamilenova

  1. Interests in history: divination, silk road, eastern tradition

2. Specialists subjected: silk road, I-ching, divination, Ayurveda and medicine

3. Skills: History of ideas, thinker, critical thinking, writer, video caster, imovie, podcaster, research.


  1. Writer: Larissa Schneider

2. History interest: Greek Mythology (Ancient history) and dinosaurs (Prehistoric)

3. Skilling: writer, social media, articles, researcher, history and editing.

Details: Website: http://larissakim.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Larissa_S_91

1. Writer: Faye Lucinda

2. Interests: Faye is a writer living in London and is currently editing her first novel, ‘How do you eat an elephant?’

She has her own blog… where she explores her interests in writing, fiction, baking and occasional London musings.’

3. Skills: artist, baker, writer

Details: twitter: https://twitter.com/FayeLJohnson

Site: https://fayelucinda.wordpress.com/


Historian: Bethany Barker

Bio: Student from the North-West of England studying history and classics at college.

Interests: I love to write poetry and read about historical events, particularly modern history surrounding the world wars and the politics involved with them.

University: Next year I hope to go to university to study History and Russian so that I can further my ambitions to be a political journalist or historical author specializing in Russian studies.

I really enjoy reading and my favourite book is One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore.


Historian: Mirela Kadrić.

Studies: I am a student at the University of Sydney, doing a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (History and Political Economy majors).

Interests: I have an interest in Russian History, and Film. I also love historiographical practice. I hope to continue my studies and do my PhD on Russian history.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirelakadric