24th August 1103 A.D. The Death of Magnus Barefoot, Norwegian king #Onthisday

23rd August 1659 A.D. The Birth of Henry Avery, English pirate #Onthisday

22nd August 1771 A.D. The Birth of Henry Maudslay, English engineer #Onthisday

21st August 1568 A.D. The Death of Jean Parisot de Valette, 49th Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaller #Onthisday

20th August 1672 A.D. The Death of Johan de Witt, Dutch mathematician and politician #Onthisday

19th August 1808 A.D. The Death of Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, Swedish admiral and shipbuilder #Onthisday

18th August 1497 A.D. The Birth of Francesco Canova da Milano, Italian composer #Onthisday

17th August 1629 A.D. The Birth of John III Sobieski, Polish–Lithuanian king #Onthisday

16th August 1886 A.D. The Death of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Indian mystic #Onthisday

15th August 1171 A.D. The Birth of Alfonso IX of León #Onthisday