17th December 1471 A.D. The Death of Infanta Isabel, Duchess of Burgundy #Onthisday

16th December 1775 A.D. The Birth of Jane Austen, English novelist #Onthisday

14th December 1624 A.D. The Death of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham, English politician, Lord High Admiral #Onthisday

13th December 1678 A.D. The Birth of Yongzheng Emperor of China #Onthisday

12th December 1574 A.D. The Birth of Anne of Denmark #Onthisday

11th December 1610 A.D. The Death of Adam Elsheimer #Onthisday

10th December 1831 A.D. The Death of Thomas Johann Seebeck, German physicist and academic #Onthisday

9th December 1594 A.D. The Birth of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden #Onthisday

8th December 1021 A.D. The Birth of Wang Anshi, Chinese economist and chancellor #Onthisday

7th December 1545 A.D. The Birth of Henry Stuart, English-Scottish husband of Mary, Queen of Scots #Onthisday