Hey there its the Groovy Historian ready for a groovy historical journey on my site for a Groovy time!

I have a history degree (BA History) which I gained from graduating from Goldsmith University of london in 2015: On the way of doing a Masters and Teaching course, in history

Book projected on the way: World history!

1.Documentaries/Pod casting, Video Casting, and Live show! (on various Historical topics)

2.Groovy’s Histories Article’s

3.Guest historian’s/ Book writers doing podcast with

4.Groovy Quote of the day

5.Animation history/digital history/Groovy Vlogs

6.Type of history : World history, Cultural History, Social History, Political history, Ancient history, European history, Turkish History, central Asian studies , On This Day history, and more!?

6. Contributor’s writer’s shall be starting soon on the site

7. Documentaries

Future Projects: media history projects and aboard documentaries working with other historian as well as media documentaries  (Archaeology work )

If you would like to contact with any queries: such as being a guest on my podcast, history related and business queries?

email me at : groovyhistorian@hotmail.co.uk

I hope you all have enjoyed perhaps subscribe stay groovy.
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