Hey there!

I am NagiKasira (obviously) at the moment Groovy is working hard on his own stuff, life can be a serious football/basketball/wrestling/ <insert preferred sport here> match but I am still writing, recently I have had a block and want your help, if you would please.

I am looking to write for you, if I can qualify to write it,  of course I would love to ask openly what history you would like me to write about (In which I hope to write for you) but every person would clearly love a different history to be written about and well it would be absolutely impossible to fairly write so I want to list 5 histories instead and ask you to vote. (I’ll try mixing a little modern and older)

The list is:

  1. Witches (I know, not again, but there is a trend it seems, so some might like a little more of it)
  2. The Goths and Western Rome
  3. Colonialism
  4. Collapse of Empires (Between WW1 and WW2)
  5. East India Compay

I will take a look at the votes at Midnight Monday (GMT).

I hope you will find whatever it may be interesting and informative.