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Vasily I Dmitryevich was born #onthisday in history 30th December 1371 A.D. and died 27th February 1425 A.D. he was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1389-1425 A.D. and the heir of Dmitry Donskoy 1359-1389 A.D.

He ruled the Great Golden horde vassals from 1389-1395 A.D. The raids that took place during Volgans reign 1395 A.D. by the Mongol Emir Timir which resulted in a state of anarchy and numerous problems for the Golden Horde and the Independence of Moscow.

1412 A.D. saw the reinstatement of Vasily as a vassal of the Golden Horde. During this time he entered an alliance with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1392 A.D. and married the only daughter of Vytautas the Great, Sophia.