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Elizabeth Petrovna was known as Elizabeth of Russia, she was born 29th December 1709 A.D. and died 5th January 1762 A.D.

She was the Empress of Russia from 1741 A.D. until her death, leading her country into two major wars during the time of  the “War of Austrian Succession (1740-48 A.D.) and the Seven years war (1756-63 A.D.)

On the day of her death, The the empire Spanned 16,200,000 Square kilometers.

The domestic politics allowed her nobles allowed to gain dominance in the local government but shorten the services to the state. She also encouraged Mikhail Lomonosov establishment the University of Moscow.

There were many buildings that the had set the foundation of such for Ivan Shuvalows the foundation of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

The Winter Palace and Smolyu Cathedral in Saint Petersburg was one the important monuments in her reign. The popular remains of her rule because her strong opposition to Prussian policies she didn’t execute a single person during her reign.