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Elisabeth of the Palatinate was born 26th December 1618 A.D. and died 11th February 1680 A.D. She was a Princess of the Palatinate of Herford Abbey, the eldest daughter of Frederick V, Elector, for a “short time King of Bohemia” and Elizabeth Stuart.

Elisabeth was born in Heidelberg, in Germany, for first 9 years of her life she lived there, then her and siblings lived in Leyden, where they were raised in a nursery and completed her studies. After many years of studies, she was ready to live in The Hague with her mother. She had an interesting life because she took vows in a Protestant convent at Hereford Abbey in Westphalia as Princess-Abess. During her days as head of the abbey, she provided protection and refuge for many Protestants during the time of great persecution.


Greatly influenced by the major works and philosophers by Rene Descartes, She was remembered for the famous Question Decreasideas of Dualism from the sperate from body and mind.