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John IV Doukas Laskaris was born #onthisday December 25th 1250 A.D. and died in the year of 1305 A.D.

He was the Emperor of Nicaea from August 8th 1258 until December 25th 1261 A.D. This was one of the Empires of the Greek states because of the fragments of the Byzantine empire, from after the capture of Constantinople by the Roman Catholics during the fourth crusades in 1204 A.D.

After the conquest of Constantinople from the latin empire July 25th 1261 A.D. John IV was left in Nicaea and was Blinded on the orders of Michael on his eleventh birthday of December 1261 A.D.
This made him unable to contend for the throne, he was even exiled and imprisoned in a fortress in Bithynia.