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Galba was born #onthisday 24th December 3 B.C. and died 15th January 69 A.D. he was a Roman Emperor for about 7 months from 68-69 A.D.

He was a Governor of Hispania Tarraconesis at the time of the Rebellion Julius Vindex in Gaul and managed to take the throne from Nero’s suicide.

Galba was born into a rich family, a capable military officer, during the first half of the first century A.D. Retiring upon during Nero’s reign but later was granted the governorship of Hispania Tarraconessis. He was able to take advantage of the death of Vindex rebellion and Nero’s suicide with the support of the Praetorian guard he became emperor.

Due to being one of the oldest emperors to date and his physical weakness due to this, the general was dominated by favorites. He was unable to gain popularity to maintain support of the Praetorian guard, Galba was killed by Otho.