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Alexander, I was born #onthisday 23rd December 1777 A.D. and died 1st December 1825 A.D. He reigned as Emperor of Russia from 23rd March 1801 A.D. until his death 1st December 1825 A.D.

Alexander was the son of Paul I and Sophie Dorothea of Wurrtemberg. He was the FIrst Russian king of Poland from 1815-1825 A.D. and first Russian Grand Duke of Finland.

He was born in St Petersburg to Grand Duke Paul Petrovich and later became Emperor Paul 1st on the throne where his father was murder. Second Alexander ruled during a chaotic period because of the Napoleonic wars. As prince and emperor, he thought as liberal and rhetoric but still ruled absolutist policies in practice. In the first years of his reign, he started some small social reforms from 1803-4 A.D. like liberal educational reforms and building universities.