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Joseph Mallord William Turn or simply known as J.M.W.Turner born 23rd of April 1775 A.D. and died #onthisday 19th December 1851 A.D. He was an English Print-maker, romantic painter and water color artist. His expressions in his colorization, imaginative landscape and turbulence, with often violent marine painting.

Joseph was born in the are known as Maiden lane , in London, where his family background was from a lower middle-class family. He lived his whole life in London and retained a cockney accent.

Turner study at the royal academy of arts from 1789 at the age of 14 and when he was 21 exhibited his first works. During this time he served as a architectural draftsman, which earned him a decent income from commissions and sales, for this factor troubled him.

He manage to open his own gallery in 1804, and became a professor of perspective at Academy in 1807, lectured until 1828. Turner travel for a short period in 1802 then return to his drawing. His works left behind 2,000 paintings and 19,00 drawings and sketches.