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Isabella of Portugal was born 22nd February 1397 A.D. and died #onthisday  17th December 1471 A.D. She was a Duchess of Burgundy and the third wife of Duke Philip the Good. Isabella was born as Infanta of the House of Aviz, she was the only surviving daughter of King John I of Portugal and his wife Philippa of Lancaster. Isabella had a son with Philip, called Charles the Bold, who was the last Vaolis Duke of Burgundy.

She was the regent of the Burgundians of the low countries of the absence of her spouse in 1432 A.D., then again in 1441-1443 A.D. Upon which she served as her husband’s representative negotiations with England regarding trade relations and those in 1439 A.D. and those with rebellious cities of Holland 1444 A.D.