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Anne of Denmark was born #onthisday 12th of December 1574 A.D. and died 2nd March 1619 A.D. Anne was a consort of many nations such as Scotland, England and Ireland by marrying King James VI and I.

She was the second daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark, and married James in 1589 A.D. at the age of 15 she bore him three children which survived infancy and one became the future King Charles I.

Anne had a strong will for an independent streak and was able to use the factional Scottish politics in her conflicts with James over the Custody of Prince Henry, for his treatment of her friend Beatrix Ruthven.

She appeared to love James for a while but the couple drifted apart later, however, there was mutual respect and affection left.

Anne put her strengths into factional politics, then the arts and even managed to construct her own court, one of the riches in cultural salons in Europe.