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Gustav II Adolphus was born #onthisday 9th December 1594 A.D. and died 6th November as the king of Sweden in 1632 A.D. Gustav II was king from 1611 A.D. until 1632 A.D. and regarded as the founder of Sweden, as a great power.

He managed to lead Sweden as a supreme military force during the thirty years war by helping determine the political, as well as the religious balance of power in Europe.

Gustav is regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time and even with the idea of the innovative use of combined arms. One of his most remembered military victories was at Battle of Breitenfeld 1631 A.D. With great military efficiency, weapons and highly trained soldiers; and the effective use of artillery, even without backing from the government, Adolphus was set to make himself a major European leader, However, he died a year later in the battle of Lutzen 1632 A.D.