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Wang Anshi was born #onthisday December 8th, 1021 A.D. and died May 21st 1086 A.D. He was a Chinese economist, chancellor, statesman and poet during the Song Dynasty, who tried radical and controversial socio-economic reforms, known as “New Policies.

The reforms of the constituted were the core ideas of the Song-dynasty reformist in differing, strikingly the conservatives who were led by Chancellor Sima Guang.

His economic reforms include the idea of increasing the currency circulation, the separation of private monopolies and the early forms of social welfare and government regulation. The military reforms he took part in, such as expanding the use of local militias and his governmental reforms expanded civil service examination system and attempted to suppress nepotism in government. There was some success for a while but he had a falling out with the emperor, ending further reforms.