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Barbara Radziwill was born #onthisday 6th December 1520/23 and died 8th May 1551 A.D. She was the queen of Poland, Grand Duchess of Lithuania and a consort of Sigismund II Augustus, he was the last male monarch of Jagiellon dynasty. Barbara was regarded as a great beauty and already became widowed, who became a royal mistress in the year of 1543 A.D. and then married in secret either in July/August 1547 A.D.

This was seen as a marriage of scandal, because it was opposed by the Polish nobles even the queen’s mother Bona Storza. Sigismund Augustus who was assisted by Barbara’s cousin Mikolaj Radziwill “The Black” and Mikolaj Radziwill “The red” who put all their effort to gain recognition for the married couple and even for Barbara being crowned Queen of Poland.

This was successful and Barbara’s coronation took place on 7th December 1550 A.D. in the Wawel cathedral, not long after her health started deteriorating and died just five months later….