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Mingyi Nyo was born in the year 1459 30th November and died in 1530 A.D. He was the founder of the Toungoo dynasty of Burma. Under his rule of 45 years of leadership in 1485-1530 A.D. Toungoo Greem turned from a small vassal state of the Ava Kingdom to an stable independent kingdom.

In 1510 A.D. he declared the Toungoo’s independence from the overlord of Ava. Mingy remembered that the small kingdom was caught in constant warfare that the plagued upper part of Burma.

With the stability of the state it attracted refugees from Ava. When Nyo died he was able to leave behind a confident and strong kingdom. To his Successor Tabinshwehtit who then manages to capture larger lands and finally founding his kingdom and Toungoo empire.