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Antinous was born #onthisday 27th November 111 A.D. and died just before 30th October 130 A.D.

He was a Bithynian greek youth who was the favorite of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Antinous was deified after his death, even been worshiped in the Greek east and Latin west some time as god known as Theos…

Not much is known about Antinous’ life, but he was born in Claudopolis present day (Bolu in Turkey), which was a Roman province of Bithynia. Antinous was introduced to Hadrian in 123 A.D. just before he had education in Italy. Later in life he became a favorite of Hadrian and was taken on a tour of the Empire and became a part of Hadrians personal Retinue. Antinous tagged along with Hadrian during the attendance of Eleusian and, was even with him when he killed a Maroussia lion in Libya. On October 130 A.D. Antinous died and it was under mysterious circumstances, some say drowning to be an intentional sacrifice. Hadrian even managed to found the city of Antinpolis near where he died.