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Henrietta Maria of France was born #onthisday 25th of November 1609 A.D. and died on 10th September 1669 A.D. She was the queen consort of England, Ireland, and Scotland as the wife of King Charles. Henrietta was the mother of two immediate successors to the throne Charles II and James II.

Her Presence in England made her unpopular because of her Roman Catholicism, which also prohibited her from being crowned in Anglican service and therefore, never had a coronation. She started to put her hands into the national affairs of the civil war and she was compelled to seek refuge in France 1644 A.D. following her youngest daughter, Henrietta during the first English Civil War.

The execution of King Charles in 1649 A.D. left her deeply saddened. Henrietta left for Paris and returned to England after the Restoration of her eldest son Charles. In 1665 A.D. she then moved back to Paris and died 4 years later.