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Dorgon was born #onthisday 17th November 1612 A.D. and died 31st December 1650 A.D.

He was a Machu prince and a regent of the early Qing Dynasty. Dorgon was born into the Asin Giro clan as the 14th son of Nurchaci the founder of the Qing Dynasty.

Dorgon started his military campaigns against the  Ming Dynasty, Mongols, and Koreans.

Under Dorgons regency the Qing forces managed to occupy Beijing, the capital of the recently fallen Ming Dynasty and the gradual conquering of the rest of China, there was a number of battles against Ming loyalist and other opposing forces around China.

He also introduced changes in the policy for the forcing of all Han Chinese men to shave the front of there heads and to wear their hair Queues just like Manchus. Dorgon died in 1650 A.D. during a hunting trip and was posthumously honored as the emperor even though he was never an emperor during his lifetime.