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Penda died onthisday in history 15th November 655 A.D. was a King of Merica in 7th Century A.D. the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom, from what it is known today as English Midlands. At the time of paganism when Christianity was taking hold in many of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, Penda took over the important Severn Valley in 628 A.D. from the battle of Cirencester before taking part in the defeat of the powerful Northumbrian King Edwin at the battle of Hatfield chase in 633 A.D.

9 years later, he was able to defeat and kill King Edwin’s successors, Oswald, at the Battle of Maserfield from this time he became the most powerful of the Anglo-Saxons rulers of the time.

This laid the foundations of the Mercian supremacy over the Anglo- Saxon Heptarchy. He defeated the East Angles and drove Cenwalh the king of Wessex into exile for three years. Then he carried on waging war against the Bernicians of Northumbria. 13 years later whilst he was still battling when he died.