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Fujiwara no Kamatari was born in the year of 614 A.D. and died #onthisday 14th November 669 A.D.

He was a Japanese statesman, politician and courtier during a period known as (Akusa): 538-710 A.D.

Fujiwara was born into a powerful Clan known as Nakatomi and then he became the founder of the Fukiwara clan. He, alongside the Mononobe clan, were also supporters of Shinto and fought the introduction of Buddhism in Japan.


Whilst the Soga clan was defending the Buddhism in the Akusa period and defeated Kamatari and the Monoble clan. Buddhism became the majority religion of the imperial court.

Kamatari, with the Prince Naka no Oe, later became Emperor Tenji 626-672 A.D. which launched the Taika reforms of 645 A.D. which centered and strengthened the central government.