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Dorothea Christiane Erxleben was born #onthisday 13th of November 1715 A.D. in Quedlinburg, and died 13th June 1762 A.D. remembered as the first female medical doctor in Germany.

Dorothea was taught medicine by her father from an early age. There was an Italian scientist Laura Bassi’s university professorship who inspired Erxleben to fight for her own right to practice medicine.

In the year of 1742 A.D. she was able to publish a tract to the argument and why she should be allowed to attend University.

1754 A.D. she became the first German women to receive a PhD, She was also admitted to study by a dispensation of Frederick the great, from then she got an M.D from the university of Halle in 1754 A.D.

Sometime later she went on studying and and analyzing the obstacles which prevented women from studying, among them housekeeping and children.