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Vladimir Ivaonvich Dal was born in November 10th 1801 A.D. and died September 22nd 1872 A.D.

He was one of the greatest Russian language lexicographers. Vladimir was a founding member of the Russian Geographical society, He also knew six different languages included Turkic and even considered one of the early Turk Ologists.

He also published his first collection of fairy-tales in 1832 A.D. in Russian Language.  Vladimir was a military doctor and took part in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-29 A.D. Sometime later he started to follow in his interests of language and folklore, while he started traveling by foot through countries collecting, sayings and, fairy tales from various Slavic languages in the region.

During his time, he managed to compile and document, the original history of the region and later was published in Russian and became part modern folklore.