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Sancha of Castile 21st September 1154/55 A.D. is born and died #onthisday 9th November 1208 A.D. She was the only surviving child of King Alfonso VII of Castile by his second wife, Rhicheza of Poland.

On the date of January 18th 1174 A.D .she married King Alfonso II of Aragon and Zaragoza, and they had at least eight children who survived to adulthood.

She was a Patroness of troubadours such as Giraud de Calanson and Perie Raymond, the queen also managed to get involved in a legal dispute with her husband concerning various properties which formed part of her dower estates.

In 1177 A.D. she entered the Ribagorza and took possession of various castles and fortresses which belong to the crown.