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Edmund Tudor was the 1st Earl of Richmond born 11th June 1430 A.D. and died #onthisday 3rd of November 1456 A.D.

He was the Father of King Henry VII of England and a member of Tudor Family of Penmynydd in North Wales.

Edmund was born to Owen Tudor and the Dowager queen Catherine of Valois, Edmund was half-brother to Henry VI of England. He was raised for a while by Katherine de la Pole, Henry took interest in Edmund’s education and upbringing. Once he came of adulthood, he was granted titles and lands by Henry. Edmund and his brother Jasper were important members of advent of the king and were remaining blood relatives.

He was also made a senior Earl in the royal court and had the important position in Parliament of England.

Edmund was granted Baynard’s castle’s, London and ran successful key states. He even managed to marry Margaret Beaufort. Before the start of the War of the Roses, Edmund cooperated with Richard of York, supported him when the king feel ill in 1453-54 A.D.

After the war began in 1455 A.D. York sent Edmund to uphold the King’s authority in South Wales.

Edmund managed to captured Carmarthen Castle and died there of the Bubonic Plague on 3rd November 1456 A.D.