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Louis the Stammerer born #onthisday 1st November 846 A.D. and died 10th April 879 A.D.

He was the King of Aquitaine and West Francia.

Louis was the eldest son of the Emperor Charles the Bald and Ermentrude of Orleans. Louis the Stammerer was a physically weak and only outlived his father by two years.


He succeeded his younger brother Charles the Child, as the ruler of Aquitaine in 866 A.D. and his father in West Francia 877 A.D. but he was never crowned Emperor.

Louis was then crowned on the 8th October 877 A.D. by the Hincmar, the Archbishop of Reims, at Compiegne and crowned some time in August 878 A.D. by Pope John VIII at Troyes, while the pope was attending the council, this had little impact.

The pope even considered him for the imperial crown but it was declined by him.

Louis had little impact on politics, and was remembered as a “simple and sweet man and lover of peace and justice in religion.”