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Isabella of Angoulême was born in the year 1186 A.D and died 4th June 1246 A.D. she was a queen consort of England and the second wife of King John from 1200 A.D. until John’s death in 1216 A.D.

Isabella was also the suo jure Countess of Angouleme from 1202-1246 A.D.

She also had five children with the King who also include the heir to the throne Henry III. 1220 A.D. Isabella married Hugh X of Lusginan, count of La Marche who also had another nine children.

Some of her contemporaries complained that she conspired against the King Louis IX of France in 1241 A.D.

After the plot failed in 1244 A.D. she was accused of attempting to poison the king. To get away from being arrested she sought refuge in the Fontevraud Abbey two years later she died… but the sources vary.