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Sehzade Mustafa was born in the year of 1515 A.D. and died #onthisday 6th October 1533 A.D.

He was the eldest son of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his consort, Mahidevran Sultan.

He was the prince-governor of Manisa from 1533-1541 A.D. of Masya from 1541-49 A.D. and of Konya 1549 to 1553 A.D.

Sehzade Mustafa was the apparent heir to the Ottoman throne and a popular prince among the army, prior to his execution by order of his father, which later he regretted. Mustafa had problems with his father at an early point in his life.

He was the first born son, so it was apparent that he would ascend to the throne, but according to some historians, there was more interest in Mustafa’s younger half-brother known as Sehzade Mehmed eldest son of Hurrem sultan the most prominent of Suleiman consort and legal wife.

Suleiman created more support for the younger one and appeared to prepare him for the throne. This displeased Mustafa even the whole people support him and the many sisters of Suleiman’s support prince Mustafa.

Mustafa was very close with his brother Mehmed and Selim II, which this shows by Selim II treated Mahidevran like own mother during her last years and build Mustafa’s tombs at Bursa.

Another shocking fact to mention that Mustafa was sent to Amasya from the more prominent Manisa.

The rue was given to his younger half-brother Mehmed.

However when mustafa was sent to Amasya, Suleiman had sent him a letter explaining he sent him to Amasya to learn how to order the east coast o the ottoman empire and manage a large Empire. This edict and relieved the ottoman army because Sehzade Mustafa was the popular successor to the throne.


Sometime later his younger half-brother had died known as Mehmed which upset him deeply.

Rustem Pasha told Prince Mustafa to join them at the camp but later Rustem manage to persuade Suleiman he son was coming to kill him

When Mustafa enter his father tent went to meet his father, but Suleimans guards attacked Mustafa after a long struggle they killed him using a bow-string.