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Michael II 770-829 A.D. and reigned as Byzantine Emperor from 25th December 820 A.D. until his death onthsiday on 2nd October 829 A.D. the first ruler of Amorian Dynasty or Phrygian.

He was born Amorium, before he was an Emperor, Michael was a soldier and rose through the ranks along with his colleagues Leo V Armenian 813-20 A.D.

Who had helped Leo overthrow and take the place of Emperor Michael I Rangabe. However, sometime later they had a falling out and Leo sentenced Michael to death. Michael managed to mastermind a plan which led to a conspiracy and Leo’s assassination on Christmas day 820 A.D.

The later years of his reign were marked by two military failures which had long-term effects, one of which was the beginning of the Muslim conquest of Sicily and the loss of Crete to the Saracens. Finally, he managed to support and strengthen the iconoclasm.