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Adud al -Dawla which translates, roughly to the “Pillar of the Abbasid Dynasty”. He was born #onthisday 24th September 936 A.D. and died March 26th 983 A.D.

Adud was the emir of the Buyid Dynasty ruling from 949-983 A.D. and at the height of his power he was an empire stretching from the Makran to as far as Yemen, and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

He was widely regarded as the greatest monarch of his dynasty by at the end of his reign he was the most powerful ruler in the Middle East. When he was Emir of Iraq and his capital was Baghdad there was a number of problems including instability and violence. With time Adud managed to sort all these problems out and brought, peace and stability, in ways by patronized some Shia Scholars and renovated some Shia Shrines.