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Theoderic the Great was born 454 A.D. and died #onthisday August 30th 526 A.D.

He was the king of the Ostrogoths from 475-526 A.D. and the ruler of Italy from 493-526 A.D. he was also regent of the Visigoths 511-526 A.D. and even a Patricius of the Roman Empire.

Theodoric was born in Pannonia in 454 A.D. after his people managed to defeat the Huns at the Battle of Nedao. His Father was King Theodemir a Germanic Amali Nobleman and his mother was Ereleuva.

At the age of ten until the age of eighteen he grew up as a hostage in Constantinople where he gained an excellent education under the imperial direction and succeeded his father as the leader of the Pannonian Ostrogoths.

Whilst settling his people in the lower Moesia, Theoderic managed to get into conflict with Thracians of Ostrogoths by Theodoric Strabo which led a union of the people in 484 A.D.

Theoderic seeked more opportunity by ravaging the provinces of the Eastern Roman Emperor and eventually threatened Constantinople itself. He sought to restore the great glory of Ancient Rome, he managed to rule Italy in its most peaceful and prosperous period since Valentinian until his death in 526 A.D.