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John III Sobieski was born 17th August 1629 A.D. and died 17 June 1696 A.D.

He was the king of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1674 A.D. until his death and was remembered as one of the greatest Monarchs of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

John was had great military skill which was shown in the wars against the Ottoman Empire this also contributed to this prowess as the King of Poland.

His reign of 22 years was marked by a period of Commonwealth’s stabilization and also much needed rest after the turmoil of the Deluge and the Khmelnystky Uprising.

Popular by many of his subjects he was a great military commander and one of his most famous acts was the victory over the Turks at 1683 A.D. in  the Battle of Vienna. Due to his victories of the Ottomans people called him the “Lion of Lechistan” and the Pope hailed him as the savior of Christendom.