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Henry the Lion was born somewhere between the years 1129/31 A.D. he died #onthisday 6th August 1195 A.D.

He was a member of the Welf Dynasty and the Duke of Saxony from the year 1142 A.D. and in 1142 A.D. titled as Duke of Bavaria; in 1156-1180 A.D. by Henry XII.

Henry the lion was seen as the most powerful of the German princes in his time, until his rivalry with the Hohenstaufen Dynasty led to him being isolated and eventually deprived of his duchies in Bavaria and Saxony in which his cousin had taken reign, Frederick I Barbarossa.

During the apex of his reign Henry ruled over much territory from the coast of north and baltic seas until the alps and then from Westphalia to Pomerania.

His greatest legacy was of political and military acumen from his four grandparents.