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Offa was King of Mercia which was a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England, born in the year 757 A.D. and he died #onthisday 29 July 796 A.D. The son of Thinfrith and a descendant of Eowa, Offa came to the throne in a period of civil war following the assassination of Ethelbald.

He defeated the other claimant Beornred.

In the early years of Offa’s reign and his victory likely consolidated his control of the Midlands peoples, such as the Hwicce and the Magonsete.

He took advantage of the problems of the kingdom of Kent, establishing himself as overlord, Offa and also controlled Sussex by 771 A.D. though his authority did not remain unchallenged in either territory.

In the years of the 780s he extended his power of Mercian supremacy over most of Southern England, allying with the Beorhtirc of Wessex, who married Offa’s daughter Eadburg which allowed him to regain control of the Southeast.