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Edward Montagu was the first Earl of Sandwich was born #onthisday 27th July 1625 A.D. and died 28th May 1672 A.D.

He was an English landowner and infantry officer who later became a naval officer and a political influence who sat in the various political debates in the Houses of Commons between the years of 1645-1660 A.D.

Edward served Oliver Cromwell with loyalty between the 1650s, and went on to play an important part of the restoration of Charles II, because of this he was rewarded with several court offices.

Another fun fact to mention is that he was an English ambassador to Portugal between 1661-62 A.D. and Spain between 1666-68 A.D.

Finally he became an admiral serving in two Anglo-Dutch wars in the reign of Charles II and was killed at the Battle of Solebay.