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Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland was born #onthisday 25th July 1421 A.D. and died 29th March he is remembered as an English Magnate…

He was the Earl of Northumberland and one of the greatest landholders in north england.

Percy was able became Lord Poynings on his marriage day.

This title would give him problems with the poynings family themselves, as they would set out for feuds with the neighboring nobles.

Henry’s marriage to Eleanor Poynings who outlived him but they had four children.

He was able to lead the Lancastrian army during the bloody battles of “wars of the roses”. The battle in which he was able to personally benefit even though his father died early in the war.

Percy was not able to enjoy the fruits from the battle, as he had been killed in Battle of Towton in 1461 A.D. where the Lancastrian side lost.