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Carlo Contarini was born #onthisday 5th July 1580 A.D. in Venice and died 1st May 1656 A.D.

He was the 100th Doge of Venice and reigned from his election from 27th March 1655 A.D. until his death, a little over a year.

Carlo was born to the son of Andrea Contarini and Elisabetta Morsoni, his father died ten days after his birth.

He also inherited a large fortune, the Contarini name was well remembered in the republic of Venice, he later Married Paolina Leredano.


During the thirteen-month of his reign he didn’t manage any events.

As Doge he was sought to reconcile with the various factions that were divided in Venice. Venice prolonged war with the Ottomans for the lands of Crete, the ceasefire continued  throughout his reign.