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Thomas Cranmer was born #onthisday 2nd of July 1489 A.D. and died 21st March 1556 A.D.

He was a leader of the English reformation and the Archbishop of Canterbury during the reigns of the infamous Henry VIII, Edward VI and even for a short time Mary I.

During his life he help shaped and built a case for the annulment of Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon which was the prime reason for the English church break from the union with the Holy See.

With the help of Thomas Cromwell he was supported to the idea of Royal Supremacy in which the king was Sovereign and head of his own church in his kingdom.

In the time of Cranmer’s career as Archbishop of Canterbury, he was in charge of the first Doctrinal and liturgical structures of the Reformed Church of England. During the reign of Henry he didn’t make any radical changes to the church.