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Murad I was born #onthisday 29th June 1326 A.D in Amasya and died 15th June 1389 A.D. in the Kosovo Field.

He was an Ottoman Sultan from the year 1362 A.D. until 1389 A.D.

Murad was the son of Orhan and Valide Nilufer Hatun.  Whilst Murad I was on the throne he conquered Adrianople and changed the name to Edirne which was the new capital of the Ottoman Sultanate.

He furthered the lands of the Ottoman realm in Southeast Europe by bringing most of the Balkans under the Ottoman yoke and ruled which forces the Princes of North Sebria,  Bulgaria, and even Byzantine Emperor John Paleologos would pay him Tribute.

Murad I administratively had separated his Sultanate into two provinces one, Anatolia (Asia Minor) and the other Rumelia (The Balkans).

The Death of Murad at the hands of the Serbs would only slow down the Ottoman expansion into Europe but they had to ally with the Byzantine empire briefly.