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Louis the pious was born 778 A.D. and died #onthisday 20th June, he was regarded as “the Fair” Louise was the king of Aquitaine from 781 A.D.

Then later becoming the king of the Franks and the Co-Emperor with Louis I his father (Charlemagne).

Louis was the only surviving son of Hildegard and Charlemagne, which made him the solo ruler of Franks after his father’s death in the year of 814 A.D. He was able to hold this status and position until his death and for a safe period during 833-34 A.D.

During his reign in the area known as Aquitaine, upon which Louis had put him in charge of the defense of the Empire’s southwestern borders.

He also managed to conqueror Barcelona from the Muslims in 801 A.D. and asserting the strength and authority of the Frankish in Pamplona and Basques of the southern Pyrenees in 812 A.D.

During his reign as emperor, he got his sons involved in government and marched south to establish a suitable realm between the brothers, Lothair, Pepin and Louis. The first ten years of his rule were marked by several tragedies and embarrassments which included the brutal treatments of his nephew Bernard of Italy.


in the years of 830 A.D. his empire was broken up with civil wars between his sons, Louis attempted to include his son Charles to be a part of his succession plans.