Joseph Solomon Delmedigo was born #onthisday 16th June 1591 A.D. and died 16th October 1655 A.D. He was an Author, Rabbi, mathematician, physician and music theorist.


Joseph was born in Candia Creta, who was a descendant of Ellia del medigo who moved to Padu, Italy, studying medicine and taking classes in Galileo’s astronomy. After the graduation in 1613 A.D. he moved to the place known as Venice and spent a year traveling in the near east, from Alexandria to Cairo.

Then he manage to get into a public contest in mathematics with the local mathematicians,

From his travels in Egypt, he moved to Istanbul where he observed the comet of 1619  A.D. Then after spending time in Istanbul, he traveled to Karaite, the many communities of eastern Europe and finally he arrived in Amsterdam in 1623 A.D. He died in Prague.