Gunther XXI Von Schwarzburg was born in the year of 1304 A.D. and died onthisday in history 14th June 1349 A.D. Gunther was a king of Germany and a descendent of the Schwarzburg; also the younger son of the Henry VIII of Count Schwarzburg-Blankenburg.

Gunther was a soldier and also rendered services to Emperor Louis IV in 1347 A.D. in which he was even offered the German throne, though it was refused by Edward III England.

He was elected as a German king in Frankfurt on 30th January 1349 A.D. by four electors.

While Charles manages to win over many of Gunther’s Adherents and defeated his forces at Eltvile. Gunther was seriously ill and he renounced his claims to the throne of 20,0001 marks of silver and he died three weeks later…