Louis I was born in 1320 A.D. and died #onthisday 26th May, he was also known as the Louis of Taranto, Member of the Capetian house of Anjou who reigned as the King of Naples, Count of Provence, Forcalquier and Prince of Taranto.

Louis was made the crown of Naples by marrying his first cousin, the Queen Joanna I who also had a prior husband, Andrew who had died in a conspiracy.

With immediate effect, this secured Louis’ status as her co-ruler. He was successful in wrestling away all power from his wife, leaving her sovereign in name only.

Their marriage was not a happy one, though they had two children, two daughters known as Frances and Catherine neither of them survived their parents.

During their joint reign there were many uprisings, military operations and attacks as he not seen as a great ruler.

Following his death, Joanna regained her power as sovereign.