Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born #onthisday 22nd May 1772 A.D. and died 27th September 1833.

He was the founder of the Brahmo Sabha, which was a movement in 1828 A.D. with the Brahmo Samja as an important socio-religious reform movement.

Raja had important influences in the areas of Public administration, politics and the education system, even religion. He was remembered for his great efforts in establishing the ending of the practice of Sati and the funeral practice which the widow was compelled to sacrifice herself in her husband’s funeral pyre.

A interesting, fun fact to mention is that he introduced the word “Hinduism” into the English language, the first time in 1816 A.D. He had diverse activities and made great contributions to his society, Raja Ram Mohan Roya was seen as a vital figure in the Bengali renaissance.

With his efforts to protect the Hindu and Indian rights, and even closeness with the British government earn him his title as “The father of the Indian Renaissance”.