Sejong the Great was born #onthisday in history 15th May 1397 A.D. and died 8th April 1450 A.D. He was the fourth King of the Joseon-dynasty Kora and the third son of King Taejong and Queen Consort Min.

He was the Heir-Apparent as the Crown Prince after his older brother was stripped from his title known as Jae.

Whilst he was crowned king in 1418 A.D. and during the first four years of his role Taejong governed as regent.

Sejong, later on redirected the Han Chinese Confucian policies and executed the Major legal amendments.

He also created a Korean alphabet which helped the Polygot and other Linguists.

Sejong also fused together with Korean and Chinese with western finance. Hangel also wanted the advancements of scientific technology with much more stability and improvements in prosperity took place.