Margaret of Valois was born #onthisday 14th May 1553 A.D. and died 27th March, she was a French princess of the Valois Dynasty became a Queen Consort of Navarre then France.

She was the Daughter of Catherine de’Medici and King Henry II of France, she was the sister of the King Francis II, Henry III and Charles IX and even Elisabeth of Valois, queen of Spain with one more sibling in Claude of France.

Charles arranged her to marry a distant cousin, known as King III of Navarre, from this unison she became a Queen of Navarre 1572 A.D.

1589 A.D. after all her brothers died Margaret’s husband’s senior succeeded the French Throne, Henry IV the first one from Bourbon…


She was a queen of two realms but the many political manipulations which she was held in prison by her own brother Henry III of france.

Her life was not passive at all she was most famous for her beauty and sense of style and even for her great life style. Even of a woman of her era she was a fashionable woman in her time and her clothing was influenced by many Royal courts.