Andrea Alciato was born onthisday in history 8th May 1492 A.D. and died 12th January 1550 A.D. Andra was an Italian writer and jurist whilst he has been regarded as one of the founders of the French schools of legal humanists.

Andre was born near Milian but he managed to settle in France in the early 16th century. He was able to display great talent in the literary arts which, led to his getting introduced to laws. He became one of first to interpret the civil law, by Languages and history and literature of antiquity from original sources of research.

He was able to publish many different works from legal works which was annotations of Tacitus.

Andre’s most famous works was Emblematic which published many editions in 1531 A.D. this was a regarded collection of short latin verses and texts with woodcuts, a new type of genre in Europe.