Cao Cao was born in 155 A.D. and died onthisday 15th March 202 A.D. he was a Chinese Warlord and a penultimate chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty. He was seen one of the central figures of the Three kingdoms era and laid the foundation of what was to be the Wei Dynasty in which his son Cao Pi would become the first Emperor of Wei.

Cao was portrayed as a merciless figure and cruel in a certain literate. He was also praised for his military genius and brilliant rulership skills. During the fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty Cao Cao was able to secure and hold the populated and prosperous cities of the central plains of Northern China.

He also had a great career as a Han chancellor but due to the handling of the Han Emperor Liu Xie he was heavily criticized  and this was thought to have caused the civil war. Cao Cao was remembered as a great martial artist and poet; also labelled the Hero of Chaos and a writer of many war journals.